I’m a digital copywriter who loves learning, adventures, and pizza. I write perfectly in Catalan, Spanish, and I speak English fluently but phrasal verbs are not my best friends (but I know enough to get by).

I spent a beautiful year at BtoB, a digital agency that believes in the perfect harmony between creativity and technology, and where I learnt the importance of good Branded Content. But, you know, sometimes life gives you lemons, and sometimes, gives you opportunities. And my new opportunities have sea, vermouths and small projects full of love, time, and effort. And that's my plan: trying to survive doing my best. 

Before that, I've been working for 5 years as a Creative and a Copywriter at HerraizSoto, a digital agency based in Barcelona. HerraizSoto is best known for projects like Have a Camper Day, OmmWriter, and Notegraphy. I've learnt a lot there, especially, to focus all my love and energy on whatever I do. I have  also worked in other digital agencies, so my DNA is totally digital. 

However, last year, I took a course in TV&Film Production in New York City, and finished the year in Barcelona where I took some screenwriting courses, one of them was a post-graduate course focused on entertainment and comedy shows. So, I’m into the audiovisual world too. 

As a freelancer, I share my writing and ideas with studios such as Kings of Mambo and Summa and I've worked as a production manager on a few audiovisual projects.

I do a lot more stuff just because I enjoy it, like writing for some digital magazines, painting some cartoons (rudimentary style) or teaching creative writing in DomestikaComplot. So if you want to know more about me, please, feel free to mail me at

Not enough? You can keep reading my linkedin account or discover my thoughts in my instagram profile.